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Freedom on hold - t-shirt special limited edition

Freedom on hold - t-shirt special limited edition

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Este mês celebram-se dois anos do lançamento da edição Freedom on Hold. Dois anos do beijo que mudou o mundo, do beijo que nos mudou a nós, e que agora se vê materializado neste pack especial de aniversário.

Esta t-shirt comemorativa traz consigo um conjunto de stickers alusivos à edição de abril de 2020, tal como a própria revista e, ainda, dois posters com os protagonistas da capa.

This month marks two years since the release of Freedom on Hold. Two years of the kiss that changed the world, the kiss that changed us, and that is now materialized in this special anniversary pack.

This commemorative t-shirt comes with a set of stickers allusive to the April 2020 issue, as well as the magazine itself, and also two posters with the protagonists of the cover.


How to apply your sticker patch

1. Choose your garment and the place where you’d like to stick the patch. Make sure it's an area where you can iron the sticker patch easily.
2. Lay your garment on a flat surface like an ironing board or another surface that can withstand heat.
3. Position your sticker, with the adhesive part on the bottom, over the garment and, with a hot iron, press over the patch for a few seconds, then verifying if the patch is glued on. Press over again for a few seconds, if needed.
4. The patch is machine-washable, but make sure the garment is inside out.
5. If you prefer, for that extra resistance, after ironing you can also sow the sticker with some needle and thread to the garment.


- 100% CO organic cotton
- 100% portuguese
- tag by Haco

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