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Vogue Portugal

Blind Date Box - Celebration edition

Blind Date Box - Celebration edition

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Vogue Blind Date, a mystery-box filled with a selection of items with the Vogue seal.

But what is this mystery box? There's no mystery: there are 20 of these packs where Vogue put a lot of thought into it as well as a selection of our products carefully picked by the team, plus an array of gifts provided by top partners.

Brands like Tom Ford, Foreo, Croma, Hey Harper, Here I Am, Vista Alegre, Baobab or Benamôr join the title on a blind date where, let's face it, no one really goes blindly, as you know quality is assured.

Meaning, good value for money as the price tag of €200 is way below the true value of this investment-box - sorry, mystery-box. Why "investment"? Because to the 240-euros-worth of Vogue merchandise you are acquiring - all limited editions only found within our shop (some only within this box) -, we also added a selection of gift-articles from our partners, a box altogether valued around 680 euros.

And truth be told, you most likely won't want to share it, but if you should find that perfect gift for your best friend, family member or better-half, why not offer it, in the spirit of the holiday season?

 After all, there's only 20 of these - and one is yours.

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Vogue Portugal Box dimension 32x25x10

Delivered by DHL Express, Official Courier

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