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Holographic pyramid

Holographic pyramid

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Here at Lighthouse Publishing, we don't see print as only 2D: with these pyramids, GQ and Vogue contents - as in, cover stars and more - come to life in a 3D virtual experience that makes you hold the future within the palm of your hand. 

After our augmented reality, we take a step further into unblocking conversations and being amazed altogether with these holographic pyramids. How so?

1. Download our Lighthouse Publishing AR app, if you haven't already.
2. Select the Holographic Pyramid category.
3. Remove the thin protective filter on all faces (both sides) of the pyramid you've just acquired here, attach it to the suction cup and place it on the red dot on your smartphone screen.
4. Dim all the lights and enjoy the tiny holograms - works best in the dark. 

Afraid of the dark? You'll love it after these.
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