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Vogue Portugal

Addicted to Vogue - DIGITAL

Addicted to Vogue - DIGITAL

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Podemos ser diferentes. Podemos ser semelhantes. Mas somos todos addicted to Vogue. Na edição de outubro, celebramos a história, o legado e o ADN do título que nos une: a Vogue. E porque Vogue é aquilo que a Vogue disser que é Vogue, a capa 01 de 03 é #Iconic.

We can be different. We can be similar. But we are all addicted to Vogue. In our October issue, we celebrate the history, the legacy and the DNA of the title that binds us together: Vogue. And because Vogue is what Vogue says is Vogue, our cover 01 of 03 is #Iconic.

Note: This magazine is part of Vogue Portugal's zero waste collection. Be aware that small scratches, bent corners, glue residue or accasional collateral damage from long term storage may be noticeable.

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